Ismi     : Hi Julia, how are you?

Julia     : I’m fine Ismi, how about you? You look so good.

Ismi     : Same like what you see, I’m alright.

Julia     : Hey, Is that your new bag?

Ismi     : Yes, my aunt bought it for me.

Julia     : What a nice bag. Where did your aunt bough it?

Ismi     : Thank you. If I’m not mistaken, her friend made it.

Julia     : Look, What a nice pattern. How kind your aunt is.

Ismi     : Thanks you. Hey, your watch is new, doesn’t it?

Julia     : It’s not a new watch. My mother bought it for my last birthday present.

Ismi     : what a wonderful watch. That was my ideal clock.

Julia     : Thanks, did you ever buy this clock?

Ismi     : oh, when I want to buy that clock, it was sold out, so I bought another clock.

Julia     : What a pity, even though, if you bought that clock, we will wear the same clock.

Ismi     : Yes, but that’s cool, how kind you mother is.

Julia     : thanks a lot, but I think I have to go now. Have a nice day!

Ismi     : You, too.