Gamarvani comes from the Latin. Gamar which means journey and parvani which means toward the moon. Gamarvani is themed after the story of Nyi Ateh. Gamarvani is fetival culture of SMAN 3 Bandung which is held on 19 september 2015. Gamarvani is the party who to celebrate Bandung’s anniversary and themed after Sundanese culture.


I was one of the executive committee gamarvani. I was in decoration division and tasked to decorate the place of execution in accordance with the theme of traditional Sundanese. I am doing my job before the festival, then on the festival I was not too busy. before I became a committee, I get some tasks to check what if I was really serious in this committee. The task is to become Danus by doing “door to door” system to some alumni and parents. My friend and i finally officially became gamarvani committee.


At the festival, I saw a guest began to arrive and start to crowded the stage to see guest stars who appeared. we also provide some foodstage and foodtruck around the stage. There is some appearance from SMAN 3 in addition there is also a guest star, that are Adera, HIVI, and others. for appearance before guesstar, favorite appearance is by TILO’s theater titled ‘merajut’. They featuring stories about nyi anteh with some humorous scenes.

Then it’s time that the appearance of the first guesstar Adera. Adera perform with a band and sang some songs, there are beautiful, shake it off, all of me, a thausend years, and others. The audience sang together with Adera.


Then theres some appearance that collaborating with 3 SHS ekskul  that combines modern music with angklung and Sundanese gamelan.

Then it’s time to second guesstar appearance, that is HIVI. They sing their songs which were greeted with shouts of the audience. the songs that they sang was indahnya dirimu, lihatlah dunia, siapkan kau tuk jatuh cinta lagi, curi hati, and much more. they ended their appearance gamarvani event. I am very happy because gamarvani event a success.