Now we live in the modern word that really needs the education. With education we can achieve our future goals and also get a good position in our future goals. Besides for achieve future goals, we also need education in social life like education manners in speaking or behavior with other.

Education is the process in learning or teaching. There for, we need a good education that calls ideal education for support the students for achieve their future goals. In my opinion, ideal education is not only knowledge but also about teaching skill and character building. Things that must be learning by students besides knowledge is:

  1. Social skill

Social skill is useful for support social life student with other. We need this skill for interact with other in verbal and nonverbal. Knowledge is useless if the students are never socializing. This skill is also useful for forming a student’s character like she/he care with other or not, she/he appreciates others or not, she/he politely or not, and many more.


  1. Problem solving skill

This skill is really needed for support student life when they were grow up and work. This skill is useful of we have a problem and we need to find the solve of that problem. When we were an adult and have to work we will have a first problem that is Can we cooperate with others? Each person must have be resolved this problem she/he will cooperate with others or be a selfish person. If she/he chooses to cooperate with others, the next problem is what position he will take. In choose position we must prioritize the interests of others. Not just a problem in work but also in the household. This skill is useful in life and must train from an early age.


  1. Character building

Character building is very important because human character can be established early. The student need character building for build a good student character to be a state leader on his/her time. In my opinion, the student must have a flexible character. Flexible character means easy to adapt to new environments, have a leader character, polite, respect for others, but not too stiff (easy to get along). Leader characters are prioritize the interests of others, respect the other opinions, and can bring people her/him lead towards better. Besides that, student must have religious character. Future leaders must remember that although later he led, they will not forget the power of the God. When they remember the God they will be reluctant to do bad things because they feel always being watched and making them not overbearing.

But in fact in some schools are more concerned with knowledge than three of the above. They continue to urge the students to learn about science, mathematic, and many more and got a great value to it. It turned slowly will form a bad character in students. Because of the pressure to get a great value that they choose the wrong way is by cheating. They can work together when the replay, open book when it replicates, searching answers replay via the Internet, and various shortcuts to get a great value. When in fact its repetition is when we test our ability to understand the subject we are studying. They do this because in a single pass or not the subject is beyond the limit of the value of our value instead of whether they understand or not. So those who do not understand instead ask the teacher to explain but to cheat in order not to repeat the subject.

It is unfortunate when the future leaders of good character falls for the sake of getting a great value, only after graduation is not concerned understands or not. Knowledge is important, but if it is not accompanied by the above 3 things they are not yet ready to lead the nation. Therefore, it is better if the schools still maintaining knowledge accompanied by social skills, problem solving abilities, and character education in order to achieve the ideal of education that will drive the future leaders of the country are ready to be made a triumphant time of his leadership.